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Being Proudly, Godly Single ?

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Being Proudly, Godly Single ?

Posted by Adwords Managers on 27 September 2012 / Posted in South Africa.

Are you proudly single ?

The question that I am asking is rarely asked in Message circles because there is an obsession with marriage, and ultimately young people feel that being single is a curse or a sign that God is not interested in their personal affairs. This article does not at all intend to negate the marital blessings, and I will encourage every young man and woman to marry early in their life.

I concur with my prophet when he says that the best thing that God can give a man outside salvation is a good wife and the reverse applies to the sisters as well.

However, I can’t help but sense that young people have a paradigm regarding the marital concept, and to ensure equal understanding from the readers I will explore what we call a paradigm. A paradigm shift is a change of one thinking pattern to another, and I am of the view that young people in the Message need a paradigm shift. There is a paradigm (a pattern of thinking) among the young people that only if their natural statuses could be changed then they will be stable in the Message, and this paradigm is equally shared by adults in the Message. Young people think that only if they could have money then that will solidify their stand in the Message, and some say only if I could walk down the aisle then I will never disappoint my God.

Here is a question to you my young friend; how many people with money have fallen ?

How many married people have backslidden ?

Plenty, then why you do think that these natural events will solidify your spiritual stance ?

I need to be brutally honest and flag it to you that unless you are in love with yourself as a young person you will never ever succeed in Marriage. I wish this could really sink in! When you are in love with yourself as a young person then I guarantee you that you will never ever fall for any man or woman who happens to come along your path of life. Loving yourself develops a sense of pride and dignity, and therefore certainly makes your standards to be very high.

Do you know that many marriages fail because couples fell in love with the idea of a wedding day rather than a soberly commitment to each other on the journey of marriage ?

The purpose of this article is to instil a sense of pride in the unmarried, and certainly assure you that God needs a witness even from the unmarried. The Message Community has become very vulnerable to the traditions of men, and hence when a young man or woman decides not to be married for the rest of their lives then people somewhat think that it is a curse of some sort on their lives. I certainly do not subscribe to this school of thought, and I need the young people to scream to the devil and say that “I am naturally single by choice and spiritually married to Christ by predestination.”

We need a radical paradigm shift on young people in this Message in the way they view single life. I am cognisant that this problem has always been with humanity even since the days of Paul.

Posted By Adwords Managers

Posted 27 September 2012


  • John Doe

    Posted: April 24, 2012 at 2:41 PM


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