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Church Politics

27 SEP

The spiritual graveyard of both the preachers and laity

Posted by Adwords Managers on 27 September 2012 / Posted in South Africa.

Church politics is proven to be the most dangerous weapon in the hands of the enemy, and there has been a littering of spiritual corpses as a result of this cancer called church politics. I would not write about this subject unless I have witnessed the undesirable effects of church politics on both preachers and the laity.


85 God never did associate saint and Satan's church together. God leads His Church, and He doesn’t expect political leaders to lead them, not even church politics. Every man that's born of the Spirit of God is free, Amen.


57 The churches have got into the same thing out of social life. They brought it into the church, their social life and their politics and their other things, until they've got the church so confused that it doesn't know what to do. They brought politics into church.

Brother Branham could not stand the ugly side of church politics and the effects thereof on the church. I must state categorically that no church is immune from church politics. As a result of church politics I have seen friends who spent hours of their lives in fellowship with one another turning to sworn enemies who could not stand one another but yet still carry their Bibles to church every Sunday. Lives that could have been used by God were rendered ineffective on the altar of church politics.

The first thing that often becomes a victim of church politics is the pulpit, and the devil knows that should he weaken the pulpit then the spiritual oxygen to the church will be cut off then the laity will suffocate. Pulpit can easily become an attack/defence mechanism for the minister rather than being a table to feed the church of the Living God. I am often baffled by the childishness that is prevalent in the Message circles that often manifests itself in a form of who has a “Higher Revelation”. Revelation has been degraded to the level of human efforts rather than a divine channel through which God descends to let His church know the divine mysteries. Revelation is somewhat becoming copyrighted and each camp in the Message claims to have a certain higher revelation than the other camp.

I have seen husbands turning their lovely wives into spiritual zombies due to church politics. Gone are those days when men would disagree with one another without involving their wives. How many sisters today walk into a church and switch off when a minister is preaching and the cause thereof is what their husbands have been saying about the minister the whole week? Gossiping Husbands breed Gossiping Wives! As a pastor I made a pledge to God that I will tell my family only things that are meant for them, and will never succumb to the pressure of making my family a dustbin of other people’s issues. I trust that God will make me stronger to preserve this pledge. I will never degrade any minister in the eyes of my family because in so doing I will be responsible for their spiritual death.

The Spiritual Landscape has changed dramatically over the years and the earthquake that is responsible for this undesirable change is called church politics. Some love church politics and others hate church politics, and I need to analyse the former.

Characteristics of Lovers of Church Politics

Unstable Spiritual Lives

They are often church-hopping, and to ensure mutual understanding I will define a church hopper. A church hopper is a person who has an inability to stick to one church for a long time, and anytime they find a church they spend time looking for mistakes to justify their next move. Whenever they leave a church it has nothing to do with their disagreement with the doctrine but more to do with personalities. Watch their families and you will see lack of stability and abundance of spiritual disorientation.

Perpetual Gossipers

Due to their critical spirit they often find fault with everybody else but themselves. Character assassination is their daily game and they have no shame to lie about other brethren and pastors. They sow discord wherever they are and have one mission to make the Message to be of non-effect to the church, and they constantly instil a sense of negativity in everybody they come across with.

Authority Haters

They like to usurp authority whenever they go and cannot be the subject thereof. It is not by default that whenever the demon of church politics rears its head the first target are the pastors. It would seem that either this demon would attempt to undermine a pastor within a church or divide pastors in the Message community. Some young people have become blatantly disrespectful towards pastors and even though they may give a myriad of reasons to justify this behaviour but at the core of it is the hatred for authority.

Conflict Beneficiaries

They often either magnify current conflicts among the brethren or they create new conflicts. Have you realized that excommunication does not work anymore in the Message? If a brother is excommunicated from church A, and he knows that church A does not agree with church B, then often he will just carry his Bible to church B. Why? He is a conflict beneficiary but here I need to call it out that pastors are to be held accountable. Sin is a sin irrespective of the affiliation. As a pastor I can’t stand anybody who runs down other pastors even if I disagree with them. I do not like to be complimented at the expense of other pastors.

In Closing

In closing I need to state categorically that the Message is for children of the Living God, and church politics will not move them. Next time when you are subjected to the Church Politics Lovers’ treatment stand up and quietly walk away. Pray even more that the church politics must not compromise the credibility of your church’s pulpit and that in your family you quit casting ministers in a negative light. Leave your wife and kids e out of your desire for church politics or else they will die spiritually.

God Bless You.

Posted By Adwords Managers

Posted 27 September 2012


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    Posted: April 24, 2012 at 2:41 PM


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