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How I Came Into The Message

27 SEP

How I Came Into The Message (From a Young Sister)

Posted by Adwords Managers on 27 September 2012 / Posted in South Africa.

I’m Sister Dineo and this is my first article. I found it fit to share with you how the grace of God reached me. Today I’m glad and I can say ‘I’m One of Them!’ Something happened…and believes you me, it was beautiful !


Friday the 18th February 2011 looked like a normal day to me. The weekend mood had already kicked in and I couldn’t wait to knock off at work! I was wearing my favourite pair of grey pants, black, grey and white striped top, black shoes and my long black and silver earrings. The hairstyle was called ‘Rihanna’. It was a beautiful day. A guy friend of mine called me at work and suggested that we chill together later on at his place. I said ok and he came to fetch me at work as I had no intentions of going back to my place and spend Friday night by myself.

A Cousin From Heaven

We chilled for about an hour with my friend and he suddenly started talking about this cousin of his that he hasn’t ever visited even though they both stay in Pretoria. She’s married with two kids and he was just going on about how bad he feels. “Do you mind if we go together?” he asked me. I said “Ok, no problem!” Going with him was one of those decisions I took without even thinking. If he had said “Let’s go to Johannesburg”, I would have still said “Ok!” Talk about having no direction in life.

I will refrain from mentioning people’s names, from Pastors to ordinary people because I should get their permission first, otherwise I think it’s illegal. They have a right to privacy. Me I don’t want to go to jail before the rapture.

So we went to the cousin’s place, we got lost and finally arrived. We were warmly welcomed by the wife and kids as the husband was still at work. When I first saw the wife when she opened the gate for us, I thought ‘What a long skirt on a Friday nogal!’Again I thought maybe it’s because she’s married. The husband came with food and the wife asked me to help her set the table and all that. She was very friendly to me and I already felt at home. The hospitality was excellent !

Let’s Dig In !

There we were sitting around a big rectangular table and discussing issues. When my friend and I came in the house, they were playing a church DVD about ‘music awareness’. I was informed about many other things, and I already knew what was happening in the music industry, the illuminate’s, the beliefs of different churches and many other things. But it was just information I picked from reading and meant nothing to me. I couldn’t tie it to anything. So we were sitting there discussing these things. We finished eating and the wife’s brother collected the dirty dishes and cleaned the table. I went to help him wash the dishes, showing my good manners there.

Baptising Them Dishes !

It was when we were doing those dishes that the conversation became personal. “Which church do you go to?” the brother asked me. I was honest with him and I told him I don’t go to church. He told me where his church is and invited me. He suddenly dried his hands and fetched a small yellowish brown book titled ‘Letting off the Pressure’.

He said something about the prophet and I pretended I never heard that part. Even today I can’t tell you what he said that day because as soon as he mentioned ‘a Prophet’ I switched off.

My friend was also invited to church that coming Sunday. We had a nice time with that family. I remember how happy we were when we left their home.

Sunday The 20th February 2011

Sunday came and I couldn’t wait to see that family again. My friend called and cancelled, but I went. That morning I couldn’t make up my mind on what to wear. I had two options: My grey pants (I loved them), white shirt and a short black jacket or my long grey and black dress that was sleeveless and showed my cleavage. I remembered the family saw me with grey pants, so I opted for a dress. I only had two dresses at the time. My wardrobe was full of supper low jeans, formal pants, tracksuits and some Capri pants.

I wore my dress and ‘Oops!’ I realized I forgot to shave my armpits that morning and the dress was sleeveless. So I decided to wear a black cover on top. Nobody had said anything about the church’s dress code and all that, but that morning, I looked like a sister, all covered up with my floor length dress. We arrived at church and Wow! What a different atmosphere compared to the churches that I had visited! The singing was nice and the Pastor started preaching and I was dozing off. I didn’t understand anything, yet people were shouting amen’s and heavenly halleluiahs. It made no sense to me !

At The Library

I was standing in a queue with the wife and I was told that it’s a queue to get into the library. Boy, I got excited! Me I love reading. I couldn’t wait to see books like ‘Purpose driven life’ ‘7 steps of highly effective people’ ‘The Secret’ and the likes. But when we got inside, it wasn’t what I was expecting. The sister asked the brother at the counter to give her ‘7 Church Ages’ book. The brother told her they are finished only ‘The Seals’ books were there. The sister told me she wanted me to read the ‘7 Churches’ first; nonetheless, she gave me the ‘7 Seals’ book. I didn’t have money, so me being me, I told her I’ll give her money back. She told me it’s a gift. I was so happy! And I thanked her for her kindness.

Monday Morning

It was Monday morning but I was still thinking about Sunday. It only clicked on Monday that I never saw any woman wearing pants, with extensions and earrings. They all looked kind of the same, very modest in their clothing. At work, that was the topic of the day! I told my colleagues about this church and one of them knew about it. She told me they were long skirts even during the week, “Whaaaaat?” I exclaimed and I remember saying “I will never do that to myself” J. I continued wearing my jeans.

A Reader Can’t Read !

I opened the ‘7 Seals’ book and brother! I closed it again and checked at the back cover, because that’s where you usually get the summary of what the book is about, to whom the book is for and why the book is important. So the back cover of the book is an important marketing tool for most authors. Guess what? I found NOTHING written there… Ok. As I tried reading, I couldn’t help but to wonder how was the book published in the first place with so many mistakes?

And I really wanted to read it. I closed it again. I stood up and moved my head sideways just to stretch my neck muscles a bit. I thought I was tired that’s why I couldn’t focus. I sat on my bed and opened it again now with a positive attitude. The author was initially talking about his kids that were still in school and the church building. I scanned other pages with my eyes and nothing interesting caught my eyes. I went to page 8 and he was talking about brother Neville! I gave up!! Who’s brother Neville?

The book wasn’t structured like other books I knew. I found it very, very difficult to read it and using my natural mind, I knew if he failed to tell me what the book is about in the introduction, I will never ever open that book again. I closed it and packed it away with my other books.

Another Sunday

Another Sunday came and I went to church again. I had no reason to go again. I guess I went because I had no other plans that day. I wore my other dress and removed my earrings this time. The singing was nice like the first Sunday but it was a different Pastor preaching. He spoke like politicians and for a moment I thought I was in parliament. In his introduction he spoke about things that I found to be true.

You need not to be highly spiritual to admit that there are things that Only God knows about you, others are only known by you and God, some are known by others and are in your blind spot while there are those that are known by everybody. “Everybody knows that you are black or you are a man and you can’t deny it or keep it a secret” he said. I nodded my head.

He captured my attention like that but I was still wondering where he was getting into. What’s that got to do with Jesus? He then went into explaining God and His Creation and explained things that happened before the beginning began. Brother! I heard things that I never heard in my life before. Although he kept on throwing big terms that I didn’t understand like ‘Theophany’ ‘er morphe’ and others, he captured my attention until the end of the sermon!

Can you believe it, something was not the same with me after that. I walked away from church that day with a ‘desire’ or an ‘interest’ to know more. That’s all I needed it seems. Somehow I knew that book that I packed away had answers. I went back home and brother, or sister, I found myself reading that book. I even had forgotten that I can’t read it. I was turning page after page nonstop. I found things that just blew my mind away! My heart was beating so fast, my temperature rising, I was crying, I had never in my life, came across such a book !

Sleepless Nights

The book had so much impact on me. My greatest aim was to get to the 7th Seal. As I was reading, I could see that there’s something great there in the 7th Seal. I felt like if I could get to the 7th Seal, I would know all the secrets. I was even tempted to skip other Seals and go to the 7th Seal, but I had to discipline myself time and again. I didn’t want to get to the 7th Seal the next thing it speaks about the 6th Seal which I skipped. I wanted to read them in their order, although it was very difficult. It was a matter of urgency for me, to know what the 7th Seal contained. I would wake up at 2am and start reading, before I know it; it would be 6am and would have to prepare for work.

That kind of life continued for many days, and I felt I better get to Heaven tired than totally miss it! Day in and day out of reading ‘The Revelation of the 7 Seals’ by William Marrion Branham, was changing me in so many ways. With the information that I was getting from this book, it no longer made sense to me to wear jeans in public. I felt ashamed of myself! I felt so uncomfortable in pants until I packed all of them away and bought skirts and dresses. When I finished that book, I was completely a different person. I could even recognize myself I was a new person !

It was a change that could be noticed by everybody. So I got many questions from friends, colleagues and spent much of my time explaining to those people how my life changed and sharing with them the good news. I got involved in unplanned debates with people, churches, pastors, the so called women prophets and that’s when I realized that NOTHING is above the Message I received. It’s the same as Moses’ snake that swallowed others. It will never disappoint you.


For me, getting this Message was finding myself. I became so soberly-minded. I could look back in my life and see the grace of God and how mysterious my natural birth is…

God chose me and predestined me even before the foundation of the world. He came and died for me while I was still sinning... That is just too much for me. I can’t get over it !

Naturally speaking, what are the chances that I could have missed this Message? I’m just a girl from a township where there’s no Message churches. I left home to study in Pretoria and through all my walks of life I met celebrities, soccer players, people from overseas, professors yet I never met even a single sister! No one ever mentioned the Message to me before. I was a reader yet I never came across anything written by William Marrion Branham. What are the chances that I could have been killed in the night parties that I used to attend? Or even worse, what are the chances that I could have grown old and at my death bed uttered these words: ‘Life is Meaningless’?

I get emotional when I think of these things. God sent a Message all the way from Kentucky and it reached me on time, the appointed time. The Pastor says there’s nothing as powerful as when the time for something has come. I now realise that EVERYTHING that happened that Friday, how events followed each other, was nothing but the perfect plan of God coming together and nothing could have destructed that. The call of God is so powerful; you will just drop everything and follow Him. It has been an amazing journey for me.


Yes the journey is amazing but I would be lying if I say ‘It is a walk in the park!’ it’s not that easy. I got baptized on the 30th March 2011 and since then, I’ve seen so many things and fought so many battles…it feels like I’ve been here forever! But we overcome because the One In us is much, much Greater than the one in the world.

I will leave you with this quote that is very close to my heart that I came across as I was turning the pages of ‘The Revelation Of The Seven Seals’ book. It better describes my walk with Christ.

Posted By Adwords Managers

Posted 27 September 2012


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