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Influence: Are you a young victor or victim of it ?

27 SEP

Influence: Are you a young victor or victim of it ?

Posted by Adwords Managers on 27 September 2012 / Posted in South Africa.

Are you proudly single ?

What is the most important thing in this life? This question will inevitably solicit a myriad of answers, and many people might mention money, cars, family and many other things. However, we often forget to mention that just everything that we consider to be important on this earth will inevitably have an element of influence to it.

Studies indicate that there is no company or product that can be sustainable without capturing the hearts and minds of young people. Hence, companies have invested hundreds of billions of rand in research projects to try to understand the passion points of young people. You, as a young person, need to know that the clothes you wear, the music that you listen to, and just everything that you do is the end result of influence. You cannot deny the fact that the Message community is losing the young people to the world in numbers, and this is due to the influence that the world is able to exert on young people irrespective of gender and race. Let me ask you a question !

How many young people that you knew and today they are no longer in the Message? How many young people made huge blunders due to the friends that they kept? Did influence play a part or not? Yep, it played a huge part in them selling their Birthrights.

I despise the devil for dangling a poisonous carrot to the young people in the Message, and similarly I take a dim view to the young people who lack discernment. Whenever you are faced with a decision that you need to make you need to apply what I call a 10:10:10 approach, which is how will this decision affect me in 10 days, 10 months and 10 years. It is very much sad to see young people who were once in the Message walking around with a sense of regret for the decisions that they made.

I want to explore factors that the devil uses to influence young people: Sex

We live in a sexed-up society and every aspect of this life is laced with the original sin. I need to address especially young sisters on this critical issue, and young brothers are not necessarily exempted from this lesson. Do you know that sex outside marriage can lead to mental instability? Do you know that a woman loses most when she engages in sex before marriage? Young people do not realize the emotional scars that sex can inflict on them if they do not make a conscious decision to preserve them until the minute they have approached the marriage altar.

I always say the best gift that a young sister can give to her future husband is a preserved life, and similarly my brother you need to do the same. The prophet in this Message entitled ‘the Invisible Union of the Bride’ says, “A woman has been entrusted with certain values that she must never defile. If she defiles them she may be forgiven but she will never be justified.”

It means that when you enter into marriage you need to confess your past relationships to your husband to be, and failure to do so can set him free even after ten years of marriage. It takes the ORIGINAL WORD to overcome the ORIGINAL SIN. Period !


Worldly friends will cost you more than what you have bargained for, and the devil uses them to steal your identity quicker than you can imagine. Bad friends are like a sulphuric acid as they come into your life and by the time they leave you will no longer be the person that you used to be.

Let me give you a scenario here:

Suzy is a bubbly young Christian woman who has been raised in a strict Christian home, and she appreciates the way the parents brought her up. Due to solid upbringing she gets to matric and matriculate in flying colours. She dreams of becoming a medical doctor and as luck will have it she gets accepted at a leading Medical University.

Suzy for the first she finds herself alone in a strange world and her parents realize that they have done everything possible to prepare her for a life away from home. Suzy realizes that life on campus can be very awkward without friends, and she begins to open up her life to few friends. However, these friends are not the type of friends that subscribe to her values.

Suzy’s sixth sense tells her that there is something very wrong with her new friends even though there is nothing she can point her finger onto. Ideally, Suzy would have found a church where she needs to worship the God who she had come to know through her parents. Friends discourage her on the way she dresses and begin to question her values in mockery manner, and express their dissatisfaction with her reluctance to go out on Saturday evenings.

She begins to succumb to the pressure exerted on her and join them one Saturday evening, and for the first time she is exposed to the world where fornication, drugs and alcohol are accepted as a norm. At the party there are men who are old enough to be her dad but she continues to avoid her conscience screams to leave the place. The friends are not only satisfied with her coming but urge her to take a drink which she reluctantly takes to avoid their snide remarks and to be perceived as a weirdo.

The loud music and laughter continue to silence her inner voice as she takes drink after drink and until ultimately she passes out. Friends disappear with their male characters into the dark of the night and leave her alone and…. (I shall prefer not to go into the graphics of what might likely happen to this once virtuous woman who once loved God so dearly). She becomes pregnant and her problem is compounded by the fact that she is HIV positive as well.

Based on the imaginary story told above I have questions for you:

Will her friends be there in her time of trial ?

Will they comfort and encourage her to deal with her illness and unplanned pregnancy ?

Who is to be blamed here, Friends, Parents, Herself ?

I can only come to one conclusion and quote the Holy Scriptures when they say “how can two walk together unless they agree”.

What is your source of influence as a young person?

Is it the Message of the Hour or worldly friends ?

I must warn you that some worldly friends might even be in your church and sit next to you every Sunday. My prophet warned me about the three kinds of believers, and some make believers and unbelievers might happen to be your friends. They will make what you get from the pulpit lighter and push you into the world.

I advise you to ask God to develop a sense of discernment as you choose friends in the passage called life, and never ever be reluctant to delete the friends who do not subscribe to your personal values. I have never been afraid to ‘unfriend’ any of friends who collided with my values.

I urge you to audit your cell phone contacts, Facebooks friends and whatever social forums out there ?

Press the delete button on those worldly friends even if they are in the Message of the Hour. It must not be a right to be friends with you but it must be a privilege to be friends with you and if the privilege is abused then it must be taken away.

Posted By Adwords Managers

Posted 27 September 2012


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    Posted: April 24, 2012 at 2:41 PM


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