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Open Letter to the Youth

27 SEP

Open Letter to the Youth in this Message

Posted by Adwords Managers on 27 September 2012 / Posted in South Africa.

As a young person facing adulthood, you have come to a position where you have to think for yourself, to decide upon things that will affect outcome of your life. At this time, you may begin to question your parents and the authorities that have led you as a child. You may begin to consider the voices of others outside of the sphere of influence in which you grew up.

You may not have had an experience with God that has changed your life, you may simply be acting as an obedient child of your family, and following the traditions, you have been taught. In which case you will seriously question the sense of continuing in this way, you might feel you are being hypocritical to do this. Here are some things to consider in making the important choices facing you.

Before taking someone else’s word ask yourself, is this ideal actually better than what I will be leaving in order to accept it ?

Will this make me happier in the end, is the one proposing this alternative truthfully happy, in a better position than my friends and family are ?

You need to ponder these things carefully before making your choice. Weigh up the pros and cons, consider the family background of the person who is promising you a better way, and consider your own family background, which is more stable, which is happier ?

Also think about the ‘truths’ being offered, are they provable, where is the proof, what is that proof ?

Be careful to see past the outward appearances. Temptation looks good because we focus on the outward, if we would consider what lies beyond the surface, we would be less likely to be deceived. Make sure that what you are going to forsake your present condition for is actually better; be convinced that it is not just an alternative, but that it is an improvement.

If not then I ask you, as an intelligent person, why would you experiment with something like that ?

Why would you waste your time with something that has no real or provable prospects of providing a better way than you already know ?

Sure, I realize that the doubts you are currently experiencing are because you are not sure you actually know these things. Be honest with yourselves, that you know them at least on an intellectual level; you know that it is a way that brings happiness to those around you. OK, so you doubt that it is for you, then get down on your knees and get desperate, that is your first recourse.

Do not shift the responsibility and ask someone else to pray for you, know that your parents are ever in prayer for you, but you must have the experience with God yourself. Talk to someone about your feelings, they may have been in the same position, they might be able to offer helpful counsel, their prayer might help you, but do not rely on the prayers of others alone, get before God yourself and face the responsibility.

You might decide you have to go out into the world to see for yourself, if you must do this then do not forget these things, I challenge you don’t accept a substitute for the real, don’t turn down the truth for something that cannot at least equal it. However, most importantly of all never forget that if you are God’s elect seed, then you cannot be lost. You may make some terrible choices and fail miserably in your quest for truth, but never let the enemy tell you that you have now gone too far away, that you are irretrievably lost.

Remember Brother Branham could not stop his own son, Billy Paul from going out into the world and making some terrible mistakes, doing some very regrettable things. Yet he had the token over his son, and Billy Paul came back. Know for sure that you will have regrets if you do those things, you will have prices to pay in this flesh, and it would be far better to learn by warning and the experience of others.

Nevertheless, know also that if you are God’s elect children, there is a godly token over your lives and you can always return into the loving arms of the Saviour: Jesus Christ.

Posted By Adwords Managers

Posted 27 September 2012


  • John Doe

    Posted: April 24, 2012 at 2:41 PM


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