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The Present Stage of the Bride's Ministry

27 SEP

The Present Stage of the Bride's Ministry

Posted by Adwords Managers on 27 September 2012 / Posted in South Africa.

Shalom the Bride,

In Church, Order and Doctrine (COD) they asked the Prophet a question as to whether the Bride will have a ministry or not. The answer was so precise and it was in the affirmation that the Bride shall have a Ministry.

If the Bride has a ministry then we must be consumed by a desire to know what stage of the ministry is now. The Bride must be able to say like the messenger this is 'the present stage of my ministry'. In this update I want to explore the current stage of the Bride's Ministry, which we know that it is taking place beyond the 7 Church Ages.

What is the stage of the Bride's ministry today in 2011 ?

Do preachers in the Message know that the coming of Elijah is no longer a prophecy but history ?

Elisha of this time must know that Elijah has been picked as much as Rebekah knew that Eliezer's ministry came to an end when she saw Isaac. I am persuaded to believe that if you are a 'tune in' believer you will know that the Bride did see her Isaac on Sunset Mountain and that signalled the end of the Ministry of Brother Branham. He confirmed this when he preached the 7th Seal Message. He said, "It may be time that this Great Person that we are expecting to step onto the scene He may be here. If it is so then I must decrease and He must increase".

Needless to say! The prophet's sermon titles since then indicated that something was taking place. Why would he entitle sermons in this manner; Greater than Solomon is Here, Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed, Look, There is a Man Who can Turn on the Light, It is the Rising of the Son, and the Unveiled God. Surely, the prophet was introducing somebody to the Bride.

However, for us to be able to understand the subject of the Bride's Ministry we need to understand who Christ is. It may sound so simple when I say we need to understand who Christ is but it is not as simple as you think. It was easy for people then to accept him as Jesus of Nazareth but to accept Him as Christ it was a challenge even for the spiritually-oriented folks. In Matthew 16: 15-18 Jesus asked his disciples "who do men say I am?” Why was this question asked after Jordan ?

The prophet in the Paradox book says that Jesus was just an ordinary man until the Father in-dwelled him at river Jordan. Hence, He could ask this question after Jordan.

Christ was not the surname of Jesus but e was who Jesus contained. Here it needs a revelation! Jesus was born but Christ (the Anointing) was not born. In the Unveiling of God book the prophet says that an anointing is a person and we as well know that Christ means the anointed one. Jordan experience was the temple being anointed and the anointing was the person that came into Jesus. Now if Christ was not born then He is still here today and has always been here even before the birth of Jesus.

Where is Christ today ?

I can hear a small group of believers around the world say 'Who do men say we are'. This group is the Bride of Jesus Christ. Those that have the Father's revelation will say, "Thou art Christ the Son of the Living God". Isn't the time for John 14: 20 to be fulfilled? It says,"

At that day ye shall know that I [am] in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you. You must break this in dispensations; I am in my Father (Fatherhood Dispensation), ye in me (Sonship Dispensation) and I in you (The Bride Dispensation). Where is Christ today ?

The prophet in Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed says that His church is Himself revealed.

Here are critical questions then: Are you His church revealed ?

Do you contain Christ in your temple (body) ?

Do you realize that Isaac is here in the form of the Seventh Seal ?

Do you realize that church ages no longer apply to the Bride as she is in the Bride Age ?

Do you realize that the church is Himself revealed ?

She is Him !

God bless you

Your Brother in Christ Pastor Madiba.

Posted By Adwords Managers

Posted 27 September 2012


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