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What Pastors Wished the Church Members Knew

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What Pastors Wished the Church Members Knew

Posted by Adwords Managers on 27 September 2012 / Posted in South Africa.

I have often observed how musicians play their musical instruments with such dexterity until anyone thinks that it is such an easy task, and have similarly observed how women will cook various meals to bring a combined divine taste in the mouth until such everyone thinks that it is such an easy chore.

I have observed how pastors execute their duties flawlessly until those who are close to them think that it is just an easy task. In my life I have interacted with many people from diverse professional backgrounds, and without reservations have concluded that pastorship is not for the fainted-hearted. It is one discipline in which you are not allowed to pay a slighted attention on how you feel but your obsession must be to bring the sheep back into His fold irrespective of the scars that may be inflicted on your persona.

1) Stop fighting among yourselves

We are in the end time and, for heaven’s sake, we wish not to take the precious time we have to concentrate on petty issues such as gossip and strive. We wish everybody could realize that we are in the end time and wish everybody could be consumed by a sense of urgency due to the imminent departure of the Bride of Jesus Christ.

Yes! We consider it not just immaturity but spiritual stupidity for people to attempt to worship God while there is animosity amongst them. When Jesus Christ said that love your enemies we believe that it was not just referring to pastors but to the laity, and we have no intention to take sides with anyone who has a score to settle. The church’s unity is not only the spiritual responsibility of the pastor but the responsibility of the entire church including yourself irrespective your office or role in the church.

Gossiping about other members of the church will not earn you respect with us but it will diminish your spiritual status in our very own eyes, and remember that we represent God through the gospel in your life. Everybody we interact with we often discern whether they are the builders of the Body of Christ or the destroyers thereof.

2) If you do not respect us then at least respect our office

I know of no tragedy like a man or woman that will try to ridicule a man of God without realizing that they in fact ridicule God Himself. Pastors have not been mandated by any man but by God Himself and therefore we owe our loyalty to no man. Genuine pastors do not care what is in the collection plate every Sunday but are concerned about what is in the heart of the people every day of their lives. The prophet says that a right attitude towards a divine gift of God will bring the desired results.

People often fail to get what they want from God due to their attitude towards men of God. We need no one's favour but thrive on people’s confidence in the Almighty God and if you want to be a hero with us then execute Jesus Christ’s commission by going out there in the dark world to give lost souls the hope that there is God who loves them irrespective of their status in the society.

We appreciate that you can perceive mistakes in our lives but before you become angelic about them take time to pray about them. Yes! It does not matter how angelic the church may be there are always those who are ready to point out the pastors’ mistakes and what is sad these are often people who not so many years ago were wounded without hope. These are often the people who were helped by the same man whom they ridicule.

3) We don’t want volunteers in church but the people who are in the ministry

People often think that the church is a place of left-overs, and pastors should tolerate mediocrity in the church due to their volunteering. Yes! We hate volunteers. We love the people who are in the ministry. Opening the church early on Sunday morning is not an act of volunteering but it must be part of the ministry towards God and should be done with no expectation of a pat on the back.

I reiterate that we despise the volunteers as they often give us the leftovers of their time but the ministry people give us the best of their time.

Here is a million dollar question! What you are doing in the church is it a ministry or are you just volunteering ?

We believe that no one is indispensible and if God needed a gift in the church he could raise a stone to fill the gap. Next time if a pastor appreciates what you are doing in the church consider it a privilege and shy away from having a big head as a result of it. I know of people who thought that they were bigger than the church of the living God and today they are nowhere to be found as God reduced them to nothing.

4) When you miss church you have no right to say anything about the church

We often realize that those who have a lot to say are not necessarily the supporters of the church in terms of attendance, offerings and tithes. We have no time to entertain those who do not take God seriously but we will cross the river for a widow who will walk in the rain to come to the service even if she has no cent next to her name. A widow who is dedicated to God is million times better than a millionaire who will put several notes in the collection plate and complain like a man who is scheduled to see a dentist.

I love people who regard God as their last resort not those who trust in their schemes with no regard to a divine intervention. People who are hardly at church should refrain from giving unsolicited advices as they become a source of irritation to the ministry. Yes! You are welcome to give ideas but before you do that check your commitment to the church and if it is questionable then rectify that before you say anything.

5) Not being thankful

We often pray with people who need God’s intervention but as soon as He resolves their problems they pretend as if they always had a contingency plan. We know of people who will refuse to give a thanksgiving because they think that it will belittle their status in the church and society. We get called during the times of emergency to pray but as soon as a prayer is answered people forget that it was God’s Grace and move on as if nothing happened.

Do you think that God is still obligated to such a person ?

It baffles us when the same person requires a prayer next time they are in trouble. We keep track of every person we pray for and it makes us mad when we see no thanksgiving coming through the pulpit. It makes us mad because your silence towards what God is doing makes Him to be the God of History. We love it when people appreciate and rave about what God is doing in their lives. Do you often rave about God’s achievements in your life ?

Or are you the kind that is mute about this able God ?

We hate it when people downplay the achievements of our Spiritual Boss as His employees, and it pains us when we know that you still need His Amazing Grace.

Your brother in Christ Pastor Madiba.

Posted By Adwords Managers

Posted 27 September 2012


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